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Did you know? A room with a view to the future. One of the few constants throughout the history of hospital care has been change. Today, surgical workflows have been dramatically enhanced by continual advancements in image-guided procedures and OR integration. What now is termed the Hybrid OR will in the not-to-distant future be looked upon as a typical surgical suite. Increasing patient volumes in the United States, aligned with extended life expectancies approaching 80 years and a still expand- ing population exceeding 325 million, have stressed healthcare institutions that are increasingly challenged to provide quality care in a fiscally responsible manner. As more equipment and clinicians populate the OR, ICU, ED and CS, the need for expansion, renovation and new construction projects places an additional financial strain on hospital resources to handle the anticipated patient load. Complicating the issue is the recognition that emerging technologies and patient care strategies will prompt the need for additional changes before the return on investment linked to these infrastructure improvements fully can be realized. To help eliminate this potential risk, The Maquet Variop Modular Room System, consisting of pre- fabricated stainless steel wall and ceiling elements, has been purposefully designed to overcome the shortcomings of traditional stick-built construction. Sheetrock installation is time-and labor-intensive, plus construction dust and debris are difficult to contain. Painted sheetrock also damages easily in high-traffic clinical environments and can be costly to repair and maintain. Maquet Variop has proven to reduce construction time by as much as one week per room and can dramatically limit the financial impact of last-minute change orders. Long term, Maquet Variop's easily removable and reusable, stainless steel panels facilitate future room upgrades. Walls can be modified outside of the room creating less dust, disruption and waste. As a result, future renovations can be performed with minimal downtime and without disturbing neighboring ORs. Maquet Variop is especially well suited for Hybrid OR and imag- ing rooms that require radiological protection in the form of lead lining within the walls. In typical stick-built construction, lead-lined sheetrock is used. With Maquet Variop, lead is contained between the studs inside of the wall, or lead-lined sheetrock can be used on the adjacent wall. As a result, wall panels can be removed to gain access inside for future technology upgrades, repairs or modifications without having to break the lead. When this occurs, the room is required to be recertified prior to its use. In addition, Maquet Variop incorporates modular ceiling system components that facilitate modifications to the room's operating lights, ceiling service unit, air supply system and room lighting. Just as importantly, more hospitals are finding that the creative use of color, lighting and photographic imagery can have a positive impact on workplace morale and the patients' sense of well-being that can enhance the overall satisfaction with their hospital experience. Maquet Variop's extensive standard color paleXe, coupled with a virtually unlimited selection of custom colors and motifs, provide a combination of design flexibility and creative expression that cannot easily be achieved with sheetrock construction. Currently, Maquet Variop has been specified in new construction, renovation and expansion projects in more than 6,000 rooms worldwide. Experience counts. Getinge has installed its 1,000th Hybrid OR worldwide at the West Virginia University Heart and Vascular Institute. So does flexibility. The Maquet Meera Mobile Operating Table can be configured in any one of 45 positions to conduct hundreds of procedures. 12,000 BCE (Before the Common Era) was a long time ago. 14,018 years to be exact when the earliest evidence of a surgical procedure took place. It was of all things, skull surgery (trepanation)! What's our favorite destination? Well, maybe not favorite, but according to U.S. News & World Report, a patient enters a hospital somewhere in the United States at a rate of one admission per second – 33 million hospitalizations annually. No wonder you're tired. Congratulations are in order. The Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Johns Hopkins Hospital topped the U.S. News & World Report 2017-18 Best Hospitals Honor Roll. The publication also recognized 535 institutions – about one medical center in ten – as being Best Regional Hospitals.

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