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P r o d u c t & S e r v i c e s S h o w c a s e 6 • S U P P L E M E N T T O O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 7 WIRELESS - 350,000 LUX - 6.2 OZ - 6 HR RUNTIME The Brightest, Lightest, Longest Running Wireless Operating Room Headlight. Wireless - Freedom of movement in the OR 350,000 Lux - Brighter than fiberoptic 6.2 oz - Lightest on the market, LED or Fiberoptic 6+ hr - Runtime at max brightness Free hospital, ASC and private practice trials available For more information call (415) 226-9414, visit www.RoninSurgical.com or use the reader service card on p. 6. PREMIRA ® MICROFIBER HAND AND FLOOR PADS Synthetic PREMIRA ® Microfiber Hand and Floor Pads effectively remove fine particles and large debris without scratching sensitive surfaces in criti- cal care areas, providing superior removal of organic material. Disposable PREMIRA pads elimi- nate the risk of cross-contamination and the hassle associated with both in-house and contract laun- dries. Compatible with the widest range of hospital disinfectants including quats, peroxides, and bleaches, PREMIRA Microfiber features excellent pick-up power, providing faster, more efficient OR turnovers and use of staff. Adapt your existing hardware to our pad or use Contec's proprietary hardware for improved function and ergonomic ease. For more information call (800) 289-5762, visit www.contechealthcare.com or use the reader service card on p. 6. MAGNETIC DRY ERASE OR SCHEDULES Proven effective for communicating surgery schedules to your entire staff at once. These dry erase schedules have been refined through daily conversations with hospital managers and are built for a lifetime of daily hospital use. • Long dry erase patient information magnets can be color-coded and easily re-sequenced. • Free customized board headings. • Capacities from 15-50 operations. • Includes printable magnetic card-holders for staff names. For more information call (800) 624-4154, visit www.magnatag.com/hxsr or use the reader service card on p. 6.

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