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lated bioburden from surfaces within a 10-foot diameter of the OR table, the terminal clean leaves no stone unturned. Whole-room disinfection is an adjunct to your terminal clean, not a replacement and not a reason for your cleaning crew to take short- cuts during the manu- al clean. Here's the protocol we follow: • Start top to bot- tom, meaning the ceiling to the walls to the floor, and clean from the edge to the center; the center of the room is typically the dirtiest. • Use a checklist, and move in a uni- form fashion — clockwise or counter- clockwise — through- out the terminal clean to eliminate the potential for an over- sight. • Use each disin- fecting agent accord- ing to the manufactur- er's instructions for use, being sure to leave adequate dwell 7 2 • O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • J U L Y 2 0 1 7 © 2017 Contec, Inc. Simple. Efficient. Clean. Why Add Microbes to Your Mop Bucket? After that, it's just a magnet for nasties— Hair, lint, fungi, mold, even spores— recirculating through the laundry. Microfiber, while great at grabbing up bioburden from hospital floors or surfaces, is terrible at letting go even when washed. PREMIRA ® Microfiber Pads are revolutionary. New microfiber every time because our products are disposable. Superior bioburden removal and liquid sorbtion every time. And white in color because they can be, unlike those other mops that hide dirt and bacteria. The Single Use Revolution is coming. The truth is that microfiber really works best the first time it's used. www.contechealthcare.com • 864-503-8333 PREMIRA ® Microfiber Pads • Eliminate Cross-Contamination • Doesn't Neutralize Disinfectants • Consistently Better Cleaning • Optimize Staff Efficiency • Smaller Storage Footprint • Clinically Superior MADE IN USA

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