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PREMIRA ® MICROFIBER HAND AND FLOOR PADS Synthetic PREMIRA ® Microfiber Hand and Floor Pads effectively remove fine particles and large debris without scratching sensitive surfaces in criti- cal care areas, providing superior removal of organic material. Disposable PREMIRA pads elimi- nate the risk of cross-contamination and the hassle associated with both in-house and contract laun- dries. Compatible with the widest range of hospital disinfectants including quats, peroxides, and bleaches, PREMIRA Microfiber features excellent pick-up power, providing faster, more efficient OR turnovers and use of staff. Adapt your existing hardware to our pad or use Contec's proprietary hardware for improved function and ergonomic ease. For more information call (800) 289-5762, visit www.contechealthcare.com or use the reader service card on p. 8. YOU CAN STERILIZE THIS SAFETY BLADE Diamatrix revolutionized OR safety by introducing the first oph- thalmic sharps safety knife. If you haven't presented these sharp and consistent knives as a CMS compliance option to your sur- geon, now is the time! Diamatrix ProTekt™ is Available in Multi-Use and Single-Use. Diamatrix ProTekt™ Multi-Use Ophthalmic Sharps Safety knife is the only multi-use guarded knife available on the market. These knives may be reprocessed up to 15 uses, saving facilities money. Diamatrix ProTekt™ Single-Use Sharps Safety knife is available for those facilities choosing not to reprocess their ophthalmic knives. Designed to protect nurses and surgeons, our patented design ProTekt®Sharps Safety knives provide perfect incisions, CMS compliance and OSHA compliance. For more information call (800) 867-8081, visit diamatrix.com or use the reader service card on p. 8. P r o d u c t & S e r v i c e s S h o w c a s e 6 • S U P P L E M E N T T O O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • J U N E 2 0 1 7 AIV POWERMATE ® SPECIAL PURPOSE RELOCATABLE POWER TAP The PowerMATE ® from AIV is the only power tap rated to UL 1363A for use in patient care areas. The PowerMATE ® comes in several 15-amp models and one 20-amp model to suit your specific regulatory and power relocation needs. Find more information on AIV's PowerMATE ® at www.aiv-inc.com. Or call (888) 656-0755, or use the reader service card on p. 8.

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