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P r o d u c t & S e r v i c e s S h o w c a s e 4 • S U P P L E M E N T T O O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • J U N E 2 0 1 7 DON'T RINSE TUBING AND LUMENED INSTRUMENTS WITH A SYRINGE... ...use the QuickRinse ® from Advanced Optisurgical Inc. The compact system provides consistent rinsing pressure and volume regardless of the operator, and eliminates hand fatigue caused by repetitive syringe use. It provides a much greater water capacity than a syringe, and frees up your hands to perform other tasks, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of your reprocessing department. For more information call (800) 576-1266, visit www.optisurgical.com or use the reader service card on p. 8. HOTDOG PATIENT WARMING SYSTEM The key to effective warming is surface area. HotDog is the only patient warming technology that can warm from above and below the patient at the same time, which offers tremendous versatility and effectiveness. A recent study found HotDog warmed significantly faster than forced-air warming when all other relevant variables were held constant in a prospective, random- ized controlled trial. Over-the-body blankets and underbody mattresses are warmed by a flexible, semi-conductive polymer fabric that directs heat toward the patient, not wastefully around the room, which is a proven vector of contamina- tion. Not only is HotDog effective and air-free; it is reusable, making it easier on your budget and the environment. Eliminate costly disposables and allow all patients to receive the benefits of normothermia. For more information call (888) 439-2767, visit www.hotdogwarming.com or use the reader service card on p. 8. THERMEDX ® FLUIDSMART™ SYSTEM The Thermedx ® FluidSmart™ System is an innovative endoscopic solution for Gynecology, Urology, and Orthopedic irrigation applications. It provides advanced technology for non-pulsatile fluid delivery and on-demand fluid warming (up to 40°C). Pre-settings provide versatile pressure ranges for various surgical applications. These features, along with real time fluid deficit measurement, separate this fluid management system from the rest. For the nursing staff, the FluidSmart system is intuitive and very simple to set up and operate. "On the fly" fluid bag and suction canister changes allow for uninterrupted use by the surgeon. The FluidSmart™ System was designed to minimize performance issues arising from accidental bumps and movements. For more information call (978) 266-4200, visit www.allenmedical.com/ops42 or use the reader service card on p. 8.

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