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HyGIeaCare | HyGIeaCare Centers There is definitely a need for improvement in the bowel-prep- ping process. Research tells us that 20 to 25% of patients come to their colonoscopies inade- quately prepped, and while endoscopic visualization technol- ogy is advancing by leaps and bounds, it won't help you see much if the bowel isn't clean. HyGIeaCare's same-day bowel prep alternative to the standard split-dose PEG could provide a revolutionary solution. Imagine this: Your physicians refer their colonoscopy patients (who aren't required to fast or drink oral preps) for appointments at one of the company's centers about 2 hours before their screenings. In the space of about 30 to 50 minutes, their bowels are gently cleansed through the infusion of warm, filtered water for consistently effective preps and, in turn, better outcomes. It's safe, fast, easy, comfortable and hygienic. It simplifies the bowel prep process and would be ideal for patients who can't tolerate traditional preps. It would also be fantastic press for GI clinics who offer it to their patients. Keep in mind that most patients don't remember anything about their colonoscopies, but never forget the complicated instructions and unpleasant ordeal of the prep. HyGIeaCare's market research says a significant population of patients would be willing to pay $245 out of pocket for the option. The company has set up a center in Austin, Texas, it's opening a second in Dallas, and has an eye on starting hundreds more nationwide, keyed to the locations of large gastro practices and high regional case volumes. Gavriel Meron, the company's chairman and CEO, was the founder and former CEO of PillCam pioneers Given Imaging, so he's clearly got a vision for GI innovation. It'll be interesting to see how this potentially game-chang- ing concept plays out. 6 1 J U LY 2 0 1 5 | O U T P A T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T z CLEAN ROUTINE With this basin and a network of centers, HyGIeaCare hopes to revolutionize the bowel-prepping process.

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