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medical miracle. And high-definition imaging has given us unparal- leled views of the musculoskeletal anatomy we're diagnosing and treating. But some of the field's most useful improvements in recent years are to be found in far less flashy devices and features. Here's a user's-eye-view of 3 underappreciated advances that have made a big difference to arthroscopic surgery. 1. Finer fluid management Arthroscopic efficiency is a fluid issue, and I mean that literally. From visualizing the surgical site to trimming torn tissue, fluid management plays an extremely important — and often underappreciated — role in arthroscopy. It's even possible that its components have seen more significant technical advances in recent years than our miniaturized cameras and high-definition monitors have. The joint is a collapsed space. To perform arthroscopic examina- tion or treatment on it, one of our first tasks is insufflation. Expanding the space provides us with the necessary exposure to achieve a clear view of the joint and insert and operate our instruments. While CO 2 gas or air are effec- tive for insufflat- ing the abdomi- nal cavity, a steady flow of saline solution is preferred for 1 0 9 J U LY 2 0 1 5 | O U T P A T I E N TS U R G E R Y. N E T z INFLOW AND OUTFLOW The ideal arthroscopy pump should be able to maintain a designated fluid pressure in the joint, and keep up with the addition of instruments or outflow of fluid. Kent Steinriede

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