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1 4 9 A P R I L 2 0 1 5 | O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y . N E T too helpful. Like when I returned to find my back table and Mayo stand completely rearranged. "I moved a few things around, the way I like them," she said. "You can move it back if you'd like." I had to play "Where's Waldo?" just to find the pick-ups. 5. Seat shiners. Maybe you know a charge nurse who never actually leaves her desk or office. She has no idea who's working or what's going on in any OR. She uses "delegation" to pass on her responsibili- ties to others. If you look at her chair when she finally gets up at lunchtime or the end of the day, you'll find it conforms to her fanny. 6. The uncompassionate. I once warned a resident who was poking and prodding and discussing a patient as though she were a throw pillow not to touch my patient again until after induction. I'm ashamed to overhear fellow nurses judging their patients. Our responsibility is to assist in treatment, not to tsk-tsk their life-choices or roll our eyes at the situations they're in. 7. The unkempt. Hey, scrub techs, sterile processing called. Please don't send blades down in the pans. Quick turnaround and hidden hazards don't mix. Also, if you make sure all the instruments are there when you send a tray down, you won't have to get cranky when we send up an incomplete set. 8. Litterbugs. Note to everyone, from the lounge lizards: Would you mind picking up after yourself in the break room? You leave your trash everywhere but in the can. The half-empty cups of coffee you poured at 0600 are still there at noon. No one's going to wash your dishes just because you left them in the sink. Sure, we could tidy up the place our- selves, but we're kind of busy dodging other work. OSM Ms. Watkins can be reached at pwatkins12@comcast.net.

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