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PRODUCT & SERVICES SHOWCASE 8 | A S U P P L E M E N T T O O U T PAT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E | S E P T E M B E R 2 014 HOW DO YOU CUT SURGICAL GLOVE COSTS BY 25% OR MORE? Let us cross reference your current usage and show you the potential savings! We've been help- ing our customers save money with our high quali- ty surgical and exam gloves since 1992. Our prod- uct range is very broad, and we have a glove that crosses to every glove your facility uses. We'll work hard to help you streamline usage and find the best possible combination of clinical accept- ance and cost reduction. Actual savings depend upon the product mix we convert, but 15% to 35% savings is typical. Put us to the test in your facility! For more information call (800) 272-1533 , visit www.ihcsolutions.com or use the reader service card on p. 6 . INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW Q UEASE EASE 6-MONTH INHALER FOR PONV The natural, drug-free, CRNA-designed aromatherapy inhaler you know and trust for post-op nausea relief is now available in a new improved container. The inno- vative twist-up top prevents patients from losing the cap. QueaseEASE is used as a fast rescue for patients experiencing nausea following surgery in the PACU, the car ride home, or even during recovery following discharge. QueaseEASE reduces PACU time, cutting overhead and nursing time per patient! Patients LOVE QueaseEASE because they administer it themselves, giving them an important sense of control. QueaseEASE in the deluxe aromatic tube with twist-up top lasts for 6 months, and is great for post- op or for the recurring nausea that occurs with chemotherapy or morning sickness. QueaseEase in single patient disposable Quick Packs lasts for 8 hours once opened. Call (888) 393-7330 , visit www.soothingscents.com or use our reader service card on p. 6. Visit us at OR Excellence , Booth #207 . OASIS MEDICAL OPHTHALMIC SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Choose from a wide variety of ophthalmic surgical instruments including clear cornea scalpels, slit knives, MVRs, stabs, cystotomes, cannulas, needles and more. In support of your safety compliance efforts, OASIS ® also offers a safety scalpel line to reduce the risks of scalpel injuries in the operating room. The Premier Edge Safety line has a single-handed slide for ease of use. To design your custom surgical kit and request a quote visit www.oasismedical.com/customsurgicalkits , call (800) 528-9786 or use the reader service card on p. 6 .

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