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1 6 9 J U N E 2 0 1 4 | O U T P AT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E O N L I N E Paula Watkins, RN, CNOR BEHIND CLOSED DOORS What's in Paula's Pockets? Why hoarders make efficient nurses. A n OR nurse sometimes ends up being the beast of burden, but she is always a pack mule. We carry a ton of stuff in our pockets to make the job easi- er. I've thought about wearing a con- tractor-style utility belt, but instead wear 2 jackets, which gives me 4 pockets plus the 1 each in the scrub top and pants. Just be careful: This practical hoarding can easily turn into PTSD (Pocket-Toting Stuff Dysfunction) or at the very least pull down your trousers if you don't tie the drawstring tight. Here's some of what I have on hand at all times. • Scissors. Early on in my career, I learned that a good nurse always has scissors in her pocket, though I have one co-worker who carries a box-cutter. It can do a lot of things that scissors can't, but I think I'll avoid packing one. Too big of a temptation to open more than just boxes. • Pens. Best to carry a pair and a spare, and also Sharpie markers for specimen cups. I tend to set pens down and walk away from them while working a room. Or someone borrows one, "just for a second," and you know it's walking away on its own. Maybe I should chain them to me, like at the bank. • Dry-erase marker. Whiteboards are incredibly useful for totaling up a PACK IT ALL How much do you carry to handle the day's work? OS_1406_part3_Layout 1 6/13/14 11:56 AM Page 169

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