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Title Byline THINKING OF BUYING … 1 2 0 O U T P AT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E O N L I N E | F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 4 Contract Anesthesia Services Pick the right provider for your facility's needs. T he most compelling argument for con- tracting with an anes- thesia group or manage- ment company is that it gives your facility the ability to use the market to your advantage. Bidding out busi- ness facilitates competition, creativity, and quality and cost management, keys to success in the current healthcare economy. There's nothing like competition to encourage anesthesia providers to explore and understand your business objectives and to creatively package their offerings into a deal benefiting both parties. In a special- ty that is often defined by its adversity to risk, this can develop better solutions, or at least solutions that are more focused on the future than the past. That's not the only advantage of contracting anesthesia services, though. It can also bring better, more committed clinical partners to your ORs. At the same time, it's based on a contract that remains in force only as long as your service requirements are being met. In short, it gives your facility access to skilled professionals and control and leverage in their performance. But the selection process can be challenging and always involves some degree of risk. So keep these 3 factors in mind: • Do you like the providers? Your facility's leadership must feel comfort- able with the proposed staff. They must be experienced, credible and sympathetic. What level of commitment and resources will they bring HANDS ON DECK Outsourcing anesthesia gives you access to skilled professionals and control over the services they provide. OSE_1402_part3_Layout 1 2/6/14 3:02 PM Page 120

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