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surgery is performed. "Optimizing the nutritional status of patients is an opportunity to provide prac- tical, low-cost and rational recommendations that can impact our healthcare system in a meaningful way," he says. Food for thought Malnourished patients arrive for surgery feeling hungry and dehydrated, and perhaps not in the right mindset that contributes to positive outcomes. "Fasting after midnight affects their anxiety levels, their perception of how procedures will go and how well they'll feel afterward," says Lynda Schoppe, MSN, RN, CNOR, CAPA, CNEcl. "Letting them drink clear fluids on the morning of their surgeries improves their overall well-being." She should know. Ms. Schoppe, quality and process improvement supervisor of surgical servic- es at St. David's South Austin (Texas) Medical Center, downed a carbohydrate-rich pre-surgical drink — a key component of the facility's ERAS program — a couple hours before undergoing major surgery last month. She awoke in recovery without experiencing nausea or pain, drank a cup of coffee and went home feeling surprisingly well. Patients scheduled for surgery at St. David's South Austin undergo a nutrition screening two weeks out and receive high-protein supplements to drink lead- ing up to their procedures. Patients are also given a complex carbohydrate pre-surgical drink to imbibe up to two hours before the scheduled start times of their cases. "Research has shown clear liquids move through the stomach in about 90 minutes, so we're moving away from traditional NPO requirements before surgery," says Ms. Schoppe. She acknowledges individuals react to anesthesia and surgery differently, but has noticed that many patients who have carbohydrate-loaded drinks before surgery are able to eat and ambulate soon after arriving in recovery and feel good enough to go home the day of surgery, even after complex procedures. "Researching the benefits of ERAS pro- tocols for many years, watching patients go through them and then experiencing the positive impact they had during my surgery has sold me on the ben- efits," says Ms. Schoppe. OSM 4 0 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 1 MODERN CLINICAL NUTRITION SOLUTIONS CLINICAL SOLUTIONS, EVERYDAY APPLICATIONS CF Colonoscopy Solutions CF(Preop) ® CF(Rehydrate) ® | CF(Rehydrate) ® IMMUNITY+ CF(Protein) ® Reach out today & elevate your standard of care. • Anesthesiologist Developed • Clean, Natural Ingredients drinkcf.com 858.649.1070 | support@drinkcf.com *Miralax ® is a registered trademark of Bayer. For more information, including drug facts, directions and other information, please see Miralax.com or visit our website for additional support. ClearFast, Inc.® 2021 • Highly Reviewed Taste • Free From Most Allergens Heal, strengthen, and support—ideal for surgery prep, illness recovery, and every wellness moment in between. PATIENT PREFERRED ®

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