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Welcome to NOVA SM by Nozin. NOVA SM programs are a proprietary suite of value added services, guided by experienced consultants and proven to deliver successful MRSA / MSSA colonization risk mitigation. WE CAN HELP GET YOU THERE. REDUCING MRSA SSI INFECTION RATES TO ZERO 1 IS NOT EASY. NOVA Perioperative Programs include vital post-op care. NOVA, powered by Nozin ® Nasal Sanitizer ® antiseptic, has been clinically proven to achieve superior infection results by adding daily nasal decolonization for in-hospital post-op and at home recovery. Join others who are reducing MRSA SSIs. 2 Ask your NOVA by Nozin advisor for an assessment of your program. Call: 877-669-4648 Email: NOVA@nozin.com Find out more about the NOVA Perioperative Programs. The right tool for each stage of the perioperative journey: 1. Franklin S. A Safer, Less Costly SSI Prevention Protocol—Universal versus Targeted Preoperative Decolonization. AJIC 2020. Article in Press. 2. References list: https://www.nozin. com/clinical-outcomes. Outcomes reported by actual users. Your results may vary. Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic is for nasal decolonization. ©2020 Global Life Technologies Corp. All rights reserved. Made in USA. Nozin®, Nasal Sanitizer®, Popswab®, NOVA SM and Nozaseptin® are trademarks of Global Life Technologies Corp. Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic LVDQ27&WRSLFDOGUXJ1RFODLPLVPDGHWKDWLWKDVDQHIIHFWRQDQ\VSHFLÀFGLVHDVH3DWHQWQRVQR]LQFRPSDWHQWV DAILY HOSPITAL POST-OP AT HOME BOTTLE PREOPERATIVE PACK

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