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A U G U S T 2 0 2 0 • O R E X C E L L E N C E . C O M • 2 5 What Will the OR of the Future Look Like? It's time to reimagine and reinvent surgical spaces to support current workflows and minimize safety hazards. Procedures are becoming more minimally invasive and the technology needed to perform them will become more compact. New ORs will be built to flex and change to accommodate new surgeries and surgical plat- forms. Forward-thinking designs will incorporate advanced imaging capabilities and improve how physi- cians and the OR staff work and feel. 1 CU Anjali Joseph, PhD, EDAC Clemson University Alexander Langerman, MD, SM, FACS Vanderbilt University Available Oct. 30 Develop a Lean and Mean SPD Well-run surgical services depend on the operational efficiency of a productive sterile pro- cessing department. Lean methodology can help achieve that goal with a proven improve- ment process that's easy to understand, straightforward to implement and results in a posi- tive culture change. Lean's tools and methods can enhance the collaboration between the OR and SPD – and it can help hard-working reprocessing techs keep up with high-volume demand in an envi- ronment that supports productivity and efficiency. 1 CU Rachel Mandel, MD Healthcare consultant Life Lessons From the Surgeon Who Saves Homeless Pets John Keating, MD, is a busy orthopedic trauma surgeon whose love of animals led him to spending his free time fixing the broken bones of stray cats and dogs so they can find loving homes. This inspiring talk will show you that helping the helpless is part of your moral responsibility, builds a social network with other charitable professionals and also leads to personal growth, fulfilment and happiness — an inspiring life lesson for all. 1 CU John Keating, MD, SFOA WellStar Atlanta Medical Center Grow Revenues With Bundled Payments and Price Transparency Negotiating bundled payments with employer groups and third party administrators, and sharing the up-front pricing with individual patients and companies with self-funded health plans is a low-cost, highly efficient and patient-friendly way to do business. It's also piquing the interest of progressive insurance carriers. By learning what services to include in bundled payments — and making sure the bundled amount is competitive in your local marketplace — you'll set your facility apart from the competition as the go-to place for cost-effective care. 1 CU Andy Poole, FACHE Monticello Community Surgery Center

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