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1 . s a e r a e r a c e ut c a n i nt e pm qui e e r a c - nt e i t pa e bl a s po s i d f o e us e h t s d en m m o ec r C D C e h t , g n etti s e r a c th l ea e h th f n i s t en g a s u o ti c e f n i f o n o i s s i m s n a e tr t th en ev r p Now, more than ever, critical infection prevention efforts are being implemented into the high-risk hospital environment. Environmental surfaces continue to harbor viruses and act as a reservoir for bacterial proliferation. Organisms have the unique ability to survive and multiply in the cracks, crevices and microscopic holes of table mattresses, gurneys and beds. Inadequate disinfection or cleaning have the potential to lead to Ansell antimi PROTE strike-t are 99 In a contam antimi tool th on han To is the only provider of disposable, crobial linens that offer COMPLETE ECTION against bacterial migration and through contamination. STAT-BLOC™ Linens .9% effective against E.coli, MRSA and CRE. time when the fight against cross- mination is critical, these disposable, crobial linens are an infection prevention hat every healthcare facility should have nd. Ansell.com/STAT-BLOC to request a sample ntact Customer Service at 764-3327 to place your order today. 007 Guideline for Isolation Precautions: Preventing Transmission Infectious Agents in Healthcare Settings." CDC. Last accessed 20 pril 2020; er l of of r pdf tps://www.cdc.gov/infectioncontrol/ f/guidelines/isolation- uidelines-H.pdf. An undercove hazard: Beware f 'clean' mattress." OR Manager. ebruary 2019; 25-26. erba, C. "Microbial contamination of hospital reusable towels." merican Journa f Infection Control. Octob 2013 41(10). 912-5 2 . a i r e t c nd ba a ns e g ho t pa l u f m r ha o t s nt e i t pa ng i s po x e , s s e r t t a m he t o nt i g n i k a e l m o r f ds ui l f dy nd bo d a o o bl nt e v e pr o d t e l i a f s r e v o c s s e r t t a m t ha t s t r po e r 00 7 d e v i e c e r A D F he t , udy t s ne n o 3 . a l l e i bs e nd Kl a i l o c . E ng i n i a nt o c s l e w o t f o 93% h it w , ng i r unde a l r te f a s e t na i m a nt o c l a i r e t c ba f o l a v o m e r nt e i c i f uf ns i d e w ho s udy t s t n e c e harboring harmful pathogens which put both the patient and healthcare worker at risk for acquiring infections. Reusable cotton linens do not maintain acceptable barrier properties. Reusable textiles show serious faults, impairing functionality and exposing patients to pathogens and bacteria, being harbored in the O.R. mattress. A r I THE RISKS OF RESUABLE LINENS Visit A or co 866-7 1. "2 of Ap htt gu 2. "A Fe 3. Ge Am Many facilities have now transitioned to disposable, impervious table sheets however even with this barrier protection, significant bacterial transfer still occurs from a contaminated operating room table to the patient contact surface. J U N E 2 0 2 0 • O U T P A T I E N T S U R G E R Y . N E T • 1 1 Going Beyond Barrier Protection During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Can your table sheet do THIS? Sponsored by SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT Data on file. f Ansell ® and ™ are owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. US Patented and US and non-US Patents Pending: www.ansell.com/patentmarketing. © 2020 Ansell Limited. All rights reserved. BACTERIAL TRANSFER STUDY A recent study tested commonly used table linens for preventing bacterial transfer. BACTERIAL TRANSFER NO YES Reinforced cloth table cover X Reinforced disposable table cover X Super-absorbent, reinforced, disposable table sheet X Antimicrobial, super-absorbent, reinforced, disposable table sheet SANDEL® STAT-BLOC™ Table Sheet X ZERO BACTERIAL TRANSFER Tested Organisms Reduction in Organisms E. coli 99.99% reduction MRSA 99.99% reduction CRE 99.98% reduction STAT-BLOC™ ANTIMICROBIAL EFFICACY TESTING

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