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8 • O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • A P R I L 2 0 2 0 T he sun was shining on a warm March day as I walked across the parking lot of my son's school. Hours earlier, the governor of Pennsylvania had called off classes to help slow the spread of COVID-19. My nine-year-old looked up and yelled from across the play- ground, "Dad, did you hear the news?" He balled his hands on either side of his head and slowly spread his fingers wide: "mind blown." That about sums up the sudden and rapid escalation of cancellations, closures, physi- cal distancing and quarantines. What the heck happened? When will life return to normal? Will it ever? As we huddle in our homes with loved ones, we're left to worry about the outbreak's short-term effect on our health and its long-term impact on the economy. Early last month, our editorial team was abruptly sent home and forced to publish the issue you're holding while maintaining our physical distance. The idea of telecommuting held plenty of appeal — until I was forced to do it. My days are spent trying to strike a balance between work and home without being able to leave the house. Instead of swallowing a quick lunch at my real desk, I'm trimming crusts off jelly sandwiches, whittling seeds off strawberries (don't ask) and adding no more than three squirts of chocolate syrup to cups of milk for a raucous lunchtime crowd. During video chats with colleagues, I've learned to angle my laptop to keep piles of laundry out of view, pair button-ups with basketball shorts and keep a finger on the mute button for those perfectly timed interruptions from my young office assistants. Hallway commutes are nice, but it's diffi- cult to find a stopping point without the pull to be home in time for dinner. My rambunctious yellow lab provides me with regularly scheduled breaks, forcing me to step away and step out. Late one afternoon, my Homeward Bound My new normal involves cutting crusts and countless conference calls. Editor's Page Daniel Cook

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