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J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 0 • O U T PA T I E N T S U R G E R Y. N E T • 3 To Our Readers Many hold well-intentioned surgeons at least partially responsible for the opioid epidemic. For it was the surgeon, they say, who introduced many a patient to painkillers — and probably with a prescription excessive enough to cause physical dependence and with enough refills to lead to full-blown addiction. But not long ago surgeons were taught — and perhaps encouraged — to knock out post-op pain with heavy doses of opioids. That outdated and unsafe approach to patient care has to change as opioid abuse and addiction continue to plague countless communities across the nation. We created the Manager's Guide to Opioids to pro- vide you with timely insights from national experts who are leading the push to tailor their pain management strategies into multimodal approaches that rely much less on opioids. We hope our content will inspire you to do your part to help the nation recover from the epidemic surgery played a part in starting. Cover design by Ethan Anderson o u t p a t i e n t s u r g e r y . n e t 25 4 On Point Give Patients What They Need Jay Horowitz, CRNA 10 A Nation in Crisis Surgeons helped cause the opioid addiction problem. Now they can be part of the solution. Daniel Cook | Executive Editor 17 Multimodal Anesthesia Is a Must Attacking pain's many pathways is the key to reducing opioid use. Daniel Cook | Executive Editor 25 Nerve Blocks Are a No-Brainer Are your patients missing out on regional anesthesia's targeted pain relief that reduces the need for opioids? Jared Bilski | Senior Associate Editor 33 Standardized Scripts for Every Surgery Tailoring pill counts to procedure type will right-size your post-op opioid prescriptions. Joe Paone | Senior Associate Editor 40 Can You Cut Opioid Use in Half? Reducing your reliance on painkillers is a more realistic goal than trying to eliminate them completely. Jared Bilski | Senior Associate Editor 47 Who Has Access to Your Medications? Reduce diversion risks with these drug security and disposal solutions. Joe Paone | Senior Associate Editor 54 Planning for Proper Pain Management Efforts to reduce patients' reliance on post-op opioids should begin before they show up for surgery. Carrie Millsap 58 Turning Personal Tragedy Into Positive Change Q&A with Benjamin J. Davies, MD, surgeon champion of opioid-sparing pain management. J a n u a r y 2 0 2 0 CONTENTS OPIOIDS S P E C I A L E D I T I O N

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