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D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 9 • B I G B O O K O F S U R G E R Y. C O M • 5 1 Count On This Tablet To Prevent Retained Sponges Close confidently with the SurgiCount Tablet from Stryker. It's a new component of the SurgiCount Safety-Sponge System, which enables staff to perform highly accurate, real-time sponge counts. Through an intuitive touch-screen interface, SurgiCount Tablet tracks the number of sponges and towels inside and outside of a patient, providing reconciliations throughout a case. It features WiFi capability, with real-time data transfer to a secure, cloud-based server. Setup and turnover is a one-step process. A slip-in battery slot provides recharge without the need to shut down or hot swap. Schedule a demo! For more information, contact your SurgiCount representative, call (800) 253-3210 or visit www.strykersurgicount.com Just Say "No" to Retained Objects A retained surgical sponge has serious implications on patients. Patient risks include infection, sepsis, re-operation, and in some cases death. Additionally, searching for a missing sponge in the OR wastes valuable OR time. It lengthens procedure time, exposes patients to prolonged anesthesia, increases stress and disrupts everyone's schedules. Find missing sponges fast with Medtronic's 3-component Situate Detection System (formerly known as RF Assure). The Situate Body Scanner provides hands-free scanning for in-vivo detection in 15 seconds or less. The Situate Room Scanner locates missing sponges in linen and trash bins around the sterile field. A compact, self-calibrating console produces an audible visual alert signaling the presence of objects fitted with an RF tag. For more information or to schedule a demo, call 855-522-7027 or contact your Medtronic representative This Marker Remains Visible, Even After Scrubbing If you're tired of marking the site and then re-marking it after scrubbing with an alcohol-based prep, you'll love the XL Prep Resistant Ink markers from Viscot. A special patent-pending ink enables marks made with this pen to last 10 times as long as traditional skin markers—even after scrubbing. That helps prevent mistakes that can lead to wrong-site surgery, and it complies with the Joint Commission Protocol for Correct Site Marking. Also available, the XL Bold Tip marker. This full size marker has a larger tip for marking greater surface areas as in body contouring. For more information and a free sample, call (800) 221-0658, email info13@viscot.com or visit bit.ly/XL-Demo FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE PRODUCTS, EMAIL GETINFO@OUTPATIENTSURGERY.NET (SEE PAGE 3) OR VISIT BIGBOOKOFSURGERY.COM

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