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6 • S U P P L E M E N T T O O U T PAT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 9 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT This Hernia Implant Enhances Healing, Reduces Chronic Pain Perform safer, higher-quality inguinal hernia repairs with the Freedom ProFlor system from Insightra Medical. Designed for open, fixation-free repair, it combines a large, porous, regenerative polypropylene implant and unique delivery device. The implant anchors in the hernia defect, obliterating it. Responsive movement with the surrounding muscles supports regrowth of healthy muscle tissue, restoring the inguinal barrier. There's no onlay component or stitching required, so the anterior space is unaffected. Use ProFlor to eliminate the risk of anterior nerve damage and shrinkage — the most common factors contributing to chronic post-op pain. Choose from several different sizes and shapes. For more information, call (888) 709-5939, email info@insightra.com or visit www.insightra.com Finally, New Systems for Inguinal Hernia Repairs! If your surgeons perform totally extraperitoneal (TEP) surgery for inguinal hernias, they'll be thrilled to learn about the new Kii Dissecting Balloon access systems from Applied Medical. These cost-effective, high-quality devices deliver reliable tissue separation during laparoscopic TEP surgery. Choose from two types of latex-free, non-fragmenting balloons: oval for bilateral repairs or round for unilateral repairs. The introducer's low- profile, blunt-tip design supports smooth insertion into the preperitoneal space. Maintaining consistent dissection pressure is easy thanks to seal housing that features an integrated stopcock to control balloon inflation and deflation. For more information, visit www.appliedmedical.com/kiidissecting These 3 Devices Make MIS Surgery Better When you think general surgery, think Pajunk, the innovative German medical device maker known worldwide for quality, reliability and precision. From the company's automated biopsy systems, which precisely target and flawlessly capture suspect tissue samples, to its space-creating balloons that enable consistent, effective dissection of the preperitoneal and abdominal space for hernia repair, to its elegant, intuitive suction-irrigation handpiece, Pajunk is your partner for all minimally invasive surgery. For more information, call (888) 972-5865, email info@pajunk- usa.com or visit pajunksurgical.com A B D O M I N A L

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