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D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 9 • B I G B O O K O F S U R G E R Y. C O M • 4 9 These Products Keep Trendelenburg Patients Safe Keep Trendelenburg patients stable and pressure-ulcer free with the Pink Pad XL, a longer version of the original Pink Pad from Xodus Medical. It features a perineal cutout, providing improved table conformity and operative site access. When combined with the one-step face protector and one-step arm protectors, you get even better protection. The face protector, which also shields the eyes and head, is a shock-absorbing, lightweight, full-face foam mask with fast and easy setup. The arm protectors also safeguard fingers, and maintain access to the IV site and pulse oximeter. For more information and to request a free sample, call 724- 337-5500, visit www.xodusmedical.com/pinkpad or email info@xodusmedical.com Protect Both Patients & Positioners: No Tape, Tears, Residue Protect Your Facility From… • Patient Infections: Biohazards on Uncovered Positioners, Tape Residue Cross Contamination and Skin Lesions (Tape Removal) • Unsuccessful Patient Procedures or Injuries: Unsecure Patient "Falling Out of Position", Hazardous Patient Fall • Increased Spending: Frequent Replacement of Damaged Positioners, Cost of Increased Procedure Times (Re-taping|Re-positioning Inefficiencies) The Solution… Welmed's Patent-Pending Patient Positioner Drape Packs! • Disposable, One-Time Use Patient Positioner Drape • Secure Hook and Loop Positioning Straps • Convenient Open-End Design for Easy Slide-on Coverage • Dual Air-Port Openings, Lift Sheet & More! For more information call 847-337-1750, email positioningdrape@welmed.us or visit www.welmed.us/positioningdrape.php Fight Patient Positioning Injuries With The BackPack Did you know that one in four pressure ulcers get their start during surgery? And did you know they can cost from $5,000 to $90,000 to treat? Prevent pressure ulcers and the pain and suffering that comes with them with Surgical BackPacks from Xodus Medical. Aimed at spinal, orthopedic and neuro procedures, components can include a slotted head rest, arm cradles, arm boards, heel protectors, hip and thigh pad covers, and frame straps. They're made from high-density foam and feature a layer of DermaProx. This promotes proper positioning to help ensure optimal surgical access while protecting against pressure ulcers and nerve damage. BackPacks come vacuum packaged for easy storage. Choose from sets preconfigured for major surgical tables, including Andrews Table, Jackson Table and Wilson Frame, or customize BackPacks to meet your needs. For more information, call 724-337-5500, visit www.xodusmedical.com or email info@xodusmedical.com FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THESE PRODUCTS, EMAIL GETINFO@OUTPATIENTSURGERY.NET (SEE PAGE 3) OR VISIT BIGBOOKOFSURGERY.COM

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