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3 6 • S U P P L E M E N T T O O U T PAT I E N T S U R G E R Y M A G A Z I N E • D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 9 SPECIAL ADVERTISING SUPPLEMENT A Better Way to Clean Power Tools Save money and reduce time spent cleaning your power tools with Blu62 Cleaning Solutions from Stryker. Start with Blu62 Pretreatment Foam once you're done using tools to begin removing stubborn soils and biofilm. Blu62 Instrument Detergent completes the washing process. Remove residue by holding tools under running water; no need for scrubbing and wiping that can damage device mechanics, increase the need for repairs and shorten instrument life. As non-enzymatic cleaners, these solutions are less dependent on contact time, water type and temperature. Clean even the most complex instruments, such as those with crevasses, irregular surface textures and multiple moving parts. Use Blu62 on Stryker and non-Stryker instruments to help meet AORN and AAMI recommended pretreatment practices. For more information, call (800) 253-3210 or visit stryker.com/blu62/outpatientsurgery Video Borescope Prevents Contamination VerifEye ® Video Borescope from Steris IMS detects hidden problems in instruments cannulas and lumens before they harm patients. Enhance your visual inspection by inserting the VerifEye ® Video Borescope into device cannula or lumen. The VerifEye ® Video Borescope will connect to any HD monitor with an HDMI cable. No Computer necessary! The VerifEye ® Video Borescope is now validated for compatibility with Steris V-PRO ® maX/maX2 Low Temp Sterilization and STERIS SYSTEM 1E ® Liquid Chemical Sterilant System. It is now verified waterproof with the Inspection Unit being rated IPx7 and the Camera Control Unit rated as IPx4. We have updated the warranty period on the Inspection Unit. Now the Inspection Unit and Camera Control Unit carry a 1-year warranty. For more information, call (800) 783-9251, email verifeye@steris.com or visit www.steris-ims.com Prevent Cross-Contamination With These Scope Dryers The Dri-Scope Aid ® family of products assist in drying the internal channels of endoscopes. This is a crucial step in the infection control process. The Dri-Scope Aid® automates the process by attaching scopes to the daily tubing assembly via individual, disposable connectors and delivering HEPA-filtered air through each channel. The Jet~Stream can dry up to two scopes at once. It can sit on a counter-top, mount to a wall or hang on an IV pole. The Dri-Scope Aid ® Cabinet can convert your existing scope cabinet into a complete drying system. It can also be purchased pre-mounted in a new cabinet for up to 16 scopes. For more information, visit www.driscope.com

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