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Special Outpatient Surgery Edition - OR Excellence Program Preview - June 2019

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• Increased competition. Some of the most exciting innovations in cost-effective care are occurring in outpatient ORs, according to Dr. Makary. "I'm encouraged to see areas of health care becoming more competitive," he says. "Same-day joint replacements are a perfect example. They're being done in highly competitive markets where facilities are being rewarded for providing value- based care." Dr. Makary believes surgical innovations will help ensure technolo- gies that contribute to high-quality, affordable care will come to mar- ket more quickly than ever before. • Frontline feedback. The big thinkers in health care are approach- ing the nurses and surgeons who work in the trenches, the ones with the hands-on experience and real-world insights needed to come up with the ideas that gradually evolve into game-changing evolutions. "How can we redesign patient care? How can we increase competi- tion?" says Dr. Makary. "Providers are being asked the key questions that will ultimately help drive down the costs of care." • Remember what matters. Some health systems and insurers are using predatory billing practices that are saddling patients with mountains of debt and ruining their lives, according to Dr. Makary. "It would disgust any healthcare provider," he adds. "It violates our oath and mission." Moral outrage at unfair billing practices has inspired numerous physicians, nurses and facilities to spearhead the movement toward honest billing and price transparency. "Health care is a business, but we've seen in competitive markets that businesses run with high ethical standards can thrive and inno- vate," says Dr. Makary. "There will always be plenty of patients to care J U N E 2 0 1 9 • O R E X C E L L E N C E . C O M • 1 3 2 0 1 9 P R E V I E W

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